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July 30, 2004

Fugth Heaven

Hi! I'm David Gallagher, the boy child on Seventh Heaven who isn't Barry Watson! I'm all grown up now! And I didn't turn out so well! Check out my misguided facial hair -- a common, yet unfortunate, choice of awkwardly aging child stars since time began -- and my poorly styled bangs! My hairdresser calls this look The Van Der Beek! Do you like it? How about my unenthusiastic smile? Don't I look like I've probably got really bad breath? I'm worried that I do, and that's why no one loves me! How about my monster mega-brows? Aren't they manly? My make-up artist told me they were manly! But Jessica Biel said they were "cro-magnon manly!" I don't know what that means! I'm not sure it's a compliment because she's really mean to me! Last year she made me carry her purse for her every where she went on set and then she slapped me for dropping it that once! But it's okay because she's so pretty! Please love me! Please, please love me!

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