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August 31, 2004

Before Fugrise

Doesn't Julie Delpy look surprised here?

She's sort of like, "This is a... film premiere? Zut alors! I thought I just going out to pick up a package of Gauloises. Merde! What am I wearing?"

I don't know, Julie. What are you wearing? It appears to be:

1) A child's tee shirt worn with no bra.

2) A purple, short-sleeved, zip-front cardigan [possibly also a child's, definitely... let's just call it "casual"].

3) The black and white circle skirt I tried on at Forever 21 last week. Which is cute... or would be, if it were paired with, oh, I don't know -- anything else?

4) Black knee high boots -- looking a bit worse for wear, but fine, really... except for what appears to be the pink athletic socks peeking over the top of them.

5) And finally, of course, the I'm In The Midst of Spring Cleaning and Just Ran Out of Scrubbing Bubbles haphazard ponytail.

I know she's French, and they're all insouciant and whatnot, but, come on, ma petite. French women are renowned for their sense of style. Vive la coordination!

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