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August 23, 2004

Fug House

Sure, I'm glad she's not wasting away and/or strung out on coke anymore, but... is there such a thing as style rehab?

Let's just run this down. Mary Kate "Skinny Cokehead" Olsen appears to be wearing: lace-trimmed men's basketball shorts layered over black capri-length leggings, a long black shapeless [sweater?] vest over some kind of patterned bra/bikini/halter top, purple jelly shoes, a turquoise clutch and, as the finishing touch, a bright orange plastic-y necklace. At least she looks like she may have, in fact, had a sandwich in the last two weeks. Sadly, the nutrients probably sped right to, like, her vitals organs or some shit, leaving nothing for the Outfit Selection cortex of her brain.

Ashley "Fat Twin [Save the Hate Mail, I'm KIDDING]" Olsen is no better in what looks like khaki Bermuda shorts, heels and some kind of I'm All Grown-Up Blazer thing. I'd say more, but it's too hard to see her in this photo and God knows, I wouldn't want to make assumptions.

And I know we're all worried about their mental health and their lunch selections and Oh My God Are They Still Virgins? and whatnot, but why hasn't anyone said anything about their hair? It's. So. Stringy. Comb your hairs, Olsens!

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