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August 16, 2004


For our 100th post, it seemed only right to revisit everyone's favorite fugging ground: Courtney Love, canker sore on the bitten, chapped lip of the Fug Prince.

Courtney, here arriving to defend her latest drug-possession charge, has apparently decided that if it looks like she knits in her spare time, she'll be spared hard time. I also hear she churns her own butter. Dangling at her side would appear to be a spare pair of overalls in case a cow needs milking, and I believe that's a book she is "reading" clutched under her arm ("What book are you reading, Courtney?" her lawyer asks. "It's about a baseball player dipped in alcohol," she says, gesturing glibly to her pristine copy of The Catcher in The Rye).

But what really strikes me is: From a distance... are we SURE that's not just Cameron Diaz with a bad peroxide job?

I mean, Cameron's already started taking a page from Courtney's novella -- it's not inconceivable that she's continued the metamorphosis.

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