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August 17, 2004

Goodbye, Fug -- For Now: Christina Aguilera

This is a bit of a departure for the Fug Blog: A compliment for Christina Aguilera.

True, a post-makeover Xtina still looks like an old-school screen siren by way of a French bordello and as if she still never met a pair of tweezers she didn't try to use in a booze haze. But, sincerely, she actually looks better than she has in a long time. After years of truly aggressive hair and makeup and some strange clothing that didn't fit her changing figure as she (admirably) packed some pounds on her skinny frame, La Fuguilera has been making way better decisions lately -- at least with regard to her mug. (Is that a bathrobe she's wearing? I can't tell. But as long as it doesn't have cutouts in the wrong place and a vagina fire, then we're okay.)

Although I should point out that the reason this photo caught my attention in the first place was: There's something so amusing about the expression on the sweet dog's face. It says, "Sigh." It says, "Don't even start. You don't even know." That pooch is staring straight at the camera and practically cocking an eyebrow at you in total acknowledgement that you and it are communicating the real story. Has it peeked into the wardrobe of Xtina and seen that the days of relative modesty are coming to a disastrous end? The little angel, whom I want to scoop up and carry off into the sunset, knows something, and he's pretty sure we know it too, deep down in our hearts.

As Ms. A has publicly stated that she is beautiful no matter what we say, and words won't bring her down, I feel no remorse in positing: Maybe the dog knows that you can give a girl ringlets, a comparatively modest dress, and eight pounds of comparatively tasteful face paint, but it still won't clean the crust off her tainted hooch.

But, so what? Bravo to her for the external makeover. May she keep the fug at bay.

Posted by Heather at 11:53 AM in Well Played | Permalink


Love that dog's expression.
It must be awfully hard being a celebrity's pet.
Rolled out for shoulder decoration, bracing themselves for all the flash-bulbs.
Then closeted away until the next photo-shoot.

Christina still looks very shiny to me, and those "eyebrows" have never seen a tweezer, I'll bet. She must get the whole lot waxed off, or shaves them.
Hurts a bitch when you apply make-up afterwards though.

Oh the pain and sufferings of celebrity, and we don't appreciate them, do we?

Posted by: GB in GB | Feb 19, 2005 7:40:14 AM

Even when she's cleaned up, she looks filthy.

Posted by: Emily | Feb 27, 2005 12:10:34 AM

Re: Bai Ling. You get it? I certainly don't. Fug On sweet broomstick cowgirls!

Posted by: Sybil | Mar 17, 2005 10:28:25 AM

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