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August 13, 2004

The Fugly Adventures of Pink, Part II

I can't decide what this photo's caption is:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(a) "Pink was having second thoughts about letting Christina Aguilera try to shoot an apple off her head, but she was too proud to show it."

(b) " 'Massive Head Wound couture is going to be all the rage next season,' says Chloe Sevigny. 'I'm so pissed off that Pink beat me to it, because if I'd been wearing this hat in The Brown Bunny, nobody would be talking about Vincent Gallo's dick being in my mouth.' "

(c) "Pink's donation to the charity auction was two full hours of her service as your celebrity pin-cushion."

(d) "She'd heard of irritated people throwing eggs before, but when Pink began playfully taunting her fans, she never dreamed one of them would lob a genetically enhanced tomato at her."

(e) "It was the most unlikely pimple the world had ever seen."

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