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August 30, 2004

VMAs: One step forward, two fugs back

Despite the fact that her apparent Marilyn Monroe fetish is becoming a little bit unsettling, Christina Aguilera for once managed to pull herself together for the Fug Carpet:

Not too shabby, eh? The shoes are pretty cute. The dress is lacking in atrocity. The hair... well, this is a girl who went with a Dee Snyder look for a while, so I'll happily take the overly precious ringlets.

But then, Christina saw fit to change her ensemble for the actual telecast, and in doing so put the Fug back in Fuguilera. Here she is on-stage:

I know they went for an era-specific costume, but... From the neck up, she's at a funeral. Her torso and upper abdomen are onstage in Las Vegas. And either Montecore mauled her there and ate off her skirt, or her thighs are at Crunch Gym in LA.

Are those fluorescent bike shorts, or are they hot-orange knee-length hose? What is going on here? Even Nelly is staring at her like, "Bitch, your lipstick doesn't match your panty-shorts."

She ditched those for the after-party, for better or for worse:

What is up with people thinking that putting forty too many necklaces around one's neck is a fantastic, chic, MTV look? And what is she doing wearing crimson shoes with a green-and-black piece of lingerie?

Those necklaces are poised to throttle her. And so, despite her best efforts, Christina can't claw herself out of the Fug Pit for good. She's like Ziggy: Will she ever win?

Posted by Heather at 11:18 AM in VMAs | Permalink


I'm SO sorry. But I'm retentive.

That's not Nelly, it's Busta Rhymes.

I know, I KNOW. I'm so SORRY.

Posted by: Cobby | Feb 4, 2005 1:12:58 PM

What the...? Who does she think she is in that first picture, Roxie Hart? Good Lord. And it only gets worse from there.

Posted by: Faustus | Feb 8, 2005 6:09:42 AM

...sorry that really is Nelly! I don't believe Ms Fuguilera ever worked with Busta..

Posted by: wordygrrl | Feb 28, 2005 2:17:58 PM

I was OK until the Busta comment. "Bitch" and "Panty-shorts" and my coffee was all ovah my monitor. I love you gals!

Posted by: Christina | Mar 3, 2005 4:26:52 PM

whats that in her hand the in the last pic?
looks like an overdone african flyswatter to me

Posted by: shambam | Mar 7, 2005 12:37:50 PM

Christina has got to be going through some "things" hence the identity crisis with the marilyn monroe look

Posted by: catalyst | Mar 21, 2005 2:14:22 PM

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