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September 21, 2004

Arrested Defuglopment

Alia Shawkat is adorable as Maeby on Arrested Development, but that's no reason for her to become complacent:

I think the trousers might be okay if they were not blousing around the bridge of her foot), and the hat might look acceptable if she didn't look like it only existed there to hide the fact that she didn't shower this morning, but... that thing on her torso has got to go. And, oh, look, it is going! Her shirt is actually falling off her body. It is as lopsided and saggy as one expects Joan Rivers would be, had she eschewed surgery. It looks like Ms. Shawkat pinned an old satin pillowcase around her body and called it a top.

Her slouch is also giving her a persistent pear shape that I don't think she actually has. Stand up straight, Alia! You've already fugged -- don't Duff yourself as well!

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