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September 24, 2004

Fug Vogue Awards

Oh my God, you guys! Bai Ling left the house looking weird, and with 80 percent of her skin showing! Can you imagine? What are the odds?!?

Seriously, this woman confounds me -- she's another one who shows up everywhere, but whose relevance I can't quite understand or recognize. I mean, other than the fact that her main mission in life is to be as naked as she can be. She's got to be stopped.

Maybe it's because I'm posting late in the day on a Friday, or maybe it's because she won't stop popping up all over the place in outfits that look like The Island of Dr. Moreau has a fashion line, but I am very, very intolerant of The Bai Ling Experience. She's no Courtney Peldon, who would go to the opening of a mouth -- and dress like she wants to put something of hers in it -- but Bai Ling is grating nonetheless. Can't someone contain her? Where's the mob when you need it?

In other news, I hate the '80s:

All Ali Larter needs here is some really giant geometric earrings and hairspray to complete this dumpy, sloppy outfit. I don't know which Mensa evictee decided that 1980s fashion was ripe for a comeback, but that person ought to be locked up Clockwork Orange-style in front of as many movies like Just One Of The Guys as possible. This person must be broken.

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You forgot to include the recent photo of Bai wearing the incredibly low, low cut bottom and the incredibly high cut thong straps! Now, that's a keeper!!! ;)

Posted by: Little Miss Annie Oaklee | Mar 31, 2005 10:51:16 AM

Oh man great reference! I'm crying both tears of laughter and shame, I love Just One Of The Guys! I guess I have the excuse of being around 9 when I first saw it. But Ali has no excuse for that ourfit. She must have forgot her "Jelly" shoes and headband at home - oh and don't forget the huge useless belt slung low and off kilter.

Posted by: agtdonut | Mar 31, 2005 1:50:09 PM

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