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September 09, 2004

Fug Rat

Jaqueline Fleming, reknowned for her work as "crack addict" in Hood Rat , as well as her unforgettable roles in Malibooty and Vegas Vamps, nabbed a part in the upcoming Bernie Mac flick Mr. 3000 as "young woman," and is making the most of it by showing up at the premiere in something the camera couldn't ignore:

She looks like a present a toddler started unwrapping, but then cast aside halfway through because the child got bored and wanted to go play in a Fisher Price box. The color looks fine on her, and the skirt might not have been that bad, if not for the cape and the weird hanging-open white shirt with that yellow... thing... wrapped under her left boob. Is her chest trying to blindfold itself? Or did she pop a button and use her cape to hold things together?

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