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September 17, 2004

Fug Through This

From the Desk of Courtney Love:

In case you bitches were wondering, I am STILL TOTALLY OFF DRUGS. See? Am I not the PICTURE of TOTAL FUCKING SORBEI...SOBRERI....SOBREEIT...NOT BEING HIGH? Who am I wearing? STOP BOTHERING ME. But remember when I used to always wear Vercaccseessece, or however you spell it? I liked that. La lalalala la. LA LA. La. My necklace is so shiny! Oh, right. Well, this time, I just took this lacy curtain thingie off the window in Frances Bean's room -- I wonder where Frances Bean is, anyway. Huh. -- and wrapped it around me like a dress, over my favorite acid-washed long-line girdle. And then I used Frances Bean's Super Fun Barbie Makeup Kit and fixed the old face up. Somehow it got a little smudgey. Maybe that happened when I accidentally used the dog for a napkin.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA. I am really REALLY AWAKE RIGHT NOW. Do you want to go to Wendy's? I am dying for a Frostie.



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