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September 16, 2004

Well Played: Debra Messing

I'm so conflicted.

Part of me is filled with glee because Debra Messing totally hasn't lost all her baby weight and I am sure she is beside herself with horror every time she buttons her size six jeans because she seems like a total control freak who can't stand the fact that she no longer needs a license to reveal her collarbone because it's not sharp enough to cut anyone anymore.

But the other part of me is irritated that she hasn't totally lost all her baby weight, because now she looks sort of lovely and normal and it's hard to make fun of that. And she generally dresses well, so I can't go there. And she's got such nice hair, although I don't like it blown out, particularly. So I don't know where to go with this: pleased at how upset she must be every time she steps on the scale, or peeved that she looks quite pretty thanks to the extra cursed pounds on her formerly skeletal frame?

I guess, grudgingly, I am going with a bit of both. Keep some of the weight on, Debra. You look much better without all your bones sticking out every which way, threatening the ocular safety of your castmates.

There will be no comment on Joan Collins's slightly questionable choice of belt or anything else that might be catagorized as questionable about Ms. Collins, for several reasons:

a) Joan Collins fucking rules.
b) Joan Collins looks smashing for eleventy, darling, and she's married to a man, like, two-thirds her age, so she must be doing something right. Plus, as mentioned previously, she rules.
c) It would be mean to say something about Heather when she's not here to defend herself.

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