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September 30, 2004

Mother, May I Sleep With Fug?

Looks like Donna Martin didn't graduate from the school of good taste:

Tori Spelling mistakenly equates "mismatched 80s fug wear" with "cute top." A pink and black rugby-striped blouse? Okay, fine. If you want to do that 80s thing that was so big nine months ago. But over an aqua tee? Oh, honey. Honey. No. Pink and black and aqua? Not even Kelly Taylor could pull off that unholy, Miami Vice-ian horror.

And the necklaces? Why? Why all the necklaces? Don't draw any more attention to your horsey neck than you need to, Tori. Especially not when you're wearing a top that's wrestling with itself for attention.

I guess we should give thanks, however, that at least we're not being treated to yet another viewing of the man-made crater between your breasts. Small favors, right?

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