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October 07, 2004

American Fugly

Thanks to an eagle-eyed member of the Fug Army [the Fugmy?], we have been notified of an alarming development in the appearance of Mrs Warren Beatty, the traditionally very lovely Annette Bening. Ms Bening has been somewhat absent from the public eye of late, due, I presume, to the fact that she spat out four babies in a fairly short period of time and is probably really very tired.

She has also, apparently, been very busy transforming herself into Clay Aiken.

To wit:



Now, Claymates, put down your burning torches. I pass no judgement on the Clay here. God knows, people go nuts for him, so whatever he's working, it's working for him. But if Annette Bening wants to transform herself into a twentysomething pop singer with a rabid fan following, I think she maybe should have chosen a woman.

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