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October 01, 2004

The Fug Files

Oh my God, what happened to Assistant Director Walter Skinner? [Also known as actor Mitch Pileggi]

Clearly, he's finally been tossed out of the FBI and is now living in Washington's alleys and vacant lots, on the run from shadowy mystery men who need information that only he has, information that will help them bring down the X-Files, forever. No, for real this time. Yes. Really, this time. Actually, for real. Forever, seriously, you guys. And so he's on the run! Wearing an unsightly baseball cap that he appears to have rescued from the gutter! Rummaging through dumpsters for food! Failing to shave regularly!

Or he decided this was a good look for the WB's Rock the Vote party. You know, one or the other.

I ask him, please, Mitch -- rock the MACH3. You look like a vagrant. Agent Mulder looked better when he was dead. All the times he was dead.

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