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November 29, 2004

Fug Stefani

I think Gwen Stefani has maybe lost her mind a little bit:

[Reader-submitted photo]

She doesn't look like she's cleverly interpreting Japanese baby-doll fashion, which I believe was her intent. Yes, she's performing on-stage, but... where are the three rings? Where's the Big Top? Where's the ringmaster? She looks like she belongs on a tightrope, or standing on the back of a white horse with a feather sticking out of the crown atop her head -- or pinned to a target while a man in tights and a handlebar mustache hurls knives at her giggling body.

What is it, Gwen? Why the weird? Is it the stress of your solo album? The heady drunk power of having your own fashion line? The strange, all-consuming curiosity about your real-life quasi-"Billie Jean" scenario, and whether your husband knew that the kid was his daughter, and just didn't tell you?

Whatever it is, we hope you pull through it. Go get a massage or something. Get a facial. Then return to your closet and put a little sanity back into the clothes. This Minnie Mouse-meets-"Alice In Wonderland"-meets-Hooker Circus thing isn't really working.

Posted by Heather at 01:29 PM in Gwen Stefani | Permalink


I think it's more of an Alice in Wonderland as Marie-Antoinette as imagined by a harajuku on crack. I like it.

Posted by: mso | Feb 1, 2005 5:37:42 AM

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