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November 01, 2004

Fuglie Duff

Duffman on The Simpsons had better guard his nickname -- he's getting some serious competition for it from Haylie, a.k.a. The Unfortunate And Unfortunately Mannish Duff Sister. She just reeks of "off-duty drag queen" to me. And also probably of Britney Spears' "Curious."

I really wish she'd start wearing colors that didn't all distract the eye in a million directions. Just check the fugculus (fug + calculus) of her ensemble: White sweater + champagne shirt + orange/red necklace + green shoes + black bag = Color scheme of a child's finger-painting accident.

Posted by Heather at 09:51 AM in Hilary & Haylie Duff | Permalink


OMG! This bad! Where are her eyes?

Posted by: Victoria | Feb 21, 2005 2:31:01 PM

i have irrational hatred for Hailey and i'm not sure why.
when ever i see her on TV latching on to HDu i want shreik at her to get a job. I don't feel this way about Ashlee however, why is that?

Posted by: dangerlad. | Feb 25, 2005 10:19:12 PM

I know I clicked on the Duff Sisters' page, but that didn't stop me from thinking that she was Robin Byrd for a second.

Posted by: Rosa | Mar 16, 2005 9:27:20 AM

I feel sort of sorry for Hailie. She's stuck with having a Disney slut as her sister. But she's so much uglier than Hilary. At least Hilary's cute - kinda, when she was in that Casper movie. but that was sickley sweet cute. not cute at all. so never mind. i take that all back. but halie's still uglier, no matter what anyone says

Posted by: AngelAss | Mar 18, 2005 6:56:23 PM

You think Hailey is horrible but her sister doesn't! if you know what I mean, but c'mon people hailey is better than average looking.

Posted by: Susan | Apr 3, 2005 11:21:21 AM

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