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December 03, 2004


Kirsten Dunst looks awfully good for an eighty-year old woman.

I mean, I assume she's 80, because of the black pulled-up socks she's wearing with flat, open-toed, brown nursing-home sandals. Also, she forgot to put on a real skirt over her slip, which is a sure sign of senility.

She's like a casual cocktail of the Olsen twins, Britney, and Lindsay Lohan, with a dash of The Crazy Old Lady Who Lives Upstairs, Whose Apartment Always Smells Like Arthritis Cream And Slow Death, And Oh, For The Love of God, Edna, Stop Trying To Feed Me Prunes.

Posted by Heather at 02:21 PM in Kirsten Dunst | Permalink


Ummmm . . . .

Your picture's gone.

Posted by: G | Mar 4, 2005 5:19:29 PM

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