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December 10, 2004

Fug You, Mom

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[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

What does one wear to a party honoring one's mother, and her charitable foundation? Why, a t-shirt with a skull sticking out its impish tongue, that's what. I mean, why represent your family and support your mother in a classy way, when greasy grubbiness is so much easier?

Check out Mischa Barton's sister Anya, with her hands buried deep in her coat pockets. The expression on her face is like, "I'm not with him. And if I keep my hands in here, I won't catch anything."

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No comments on this one? But the grade-B sister is wearing a Teddy Bear coat-- just like the ones my mother bought me each year in elementary school.

Who knew my mother was such a forward thinking fashionista... oh, that's right, she wasn't. It was a fugly coat then (I have the therapy bills to prove it) and it's fuglier now.

Thanks girlie, now I have to see if Dr. Baltrow can fit me in for an emergency session today.

Posted by: craptastic | Mar 13, 2005 12:20:03 PM

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