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December 07, 2004

Fugliette Lewis

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"Whaaaaat? You don't love camel-toe and skintight metallic pants? You mean... I'm not in Aerosmith? Shut up. You bitches just aren't rock-and-roll."

Posted by Heather at 06:24 PM in Juliette Lewis | Permalink


It's weird, Juliette Lewis wears thse really weird, god-awful outfits that would look horrid on anyone else, and somehow pulls them off... Her style suits her personality - contradictory to say the least: scientology, skateboarder ex-husbands, rock group, leggings, weird squeaky voice... it all ties in together. I couldn't see her prim and proper, winning Joan Rivers' approval on the red carpet.

Posted by: mso | Feb 1, 2005 5:32:27 AM

I'm sorry MSO, but NO ONE can pull off those space jodphurs and look cool. Even if Juliette appeared on an intergalactic pony whooping it up space cowgirl style, she would still look grim. Let's not forget the fact that she is being soooo RAWK and anti-establishment by turning up to a PARIS HILTON shindig.

And what is that belt about? Did she make it herself in rehab?

Posted by: snapDragon | Apr 6, 2005 6:22:54 AM

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