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December 03, 2004

Fugly Trendy

Dear Bobby Trendy,

About a year ago, I was confident your 15 minutes were up. Done. Finished. You were on the televisual train-wreck The Anna Nicole Show, and you inspired a murderous rage in just about everyone who had the misfortune to see it, so naturally when that show died its overdue death, I figured you had gone away.

Not so.

[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

Instead, you keep... appearing. You might just be the gay Courtney Peldon, especially because your getups are so heinous that it's almost a given she'd wear them somewhere if she could alter them to show off either her crotch or her breasts.

[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

La Peldon might have luck with this one, actualy -- she'd just wear the cape with nothing else.

But really, Bobby, here's the thing: No one's with you. At all. You aren't funny, you aren't genuine or genuinely kitschy, and you're not fabulous. You're a gnat. You need to be swatted.

So please go hang up the showgirl accessories you've got going here and go back to your store, and try to bilk people out of huge amounts of money for "trendy" stuff that's really just crap with fur on it.

Or go star in your own off-strip Las Vegas revue entitled, "14 minutes and 59 Seconds, And Counting." Whichever.


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