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December 15, 2004

Jacinda Fuggett

It's always nice to see someone in Hollywood trying to go the tasteful route with her clothing -- which is why it hurts oh-so-much when they make the fateful misstep of forgetting to go to a tailor:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Maybe Jacinda lost a lot of weight immediately after buying this dress -- or maybe she figured buying it two sizes too big would make her look more svelte. But no, with this oversized shift, she looks shrunken and emaciated. Her breasts don't fit or fill it out. The dress is billowing in the wrong places and bunching at the side, because the very thin yellowish belt cinching the front is really just sort of acting... well, like a curtain rod, in a way. Perhaps she took those old Gap sketches on SNL too seriously and figured just belting something would make it fit like a glove. Sadly, it works against her.

And so another perfectly pleasant-looking person fugs herself by virtue of something as simple as not opening the Yellow Pages.

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