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December 07, 2004

Pieces of Fug. Again.

Dear Ashlee Simpson:

When Kelly Osbourne finds out that you're aping her look, she is going to kick your scrawny little ass. Sleep with one eye open.
We just thought you should know.

The Fug Girls

PS: No one's wearing pants that low anymore. We all got tired of having to get a Brazilian just to put on our jeans.
PPS: The sweater vest has never been sexy. It never will be sexy. It merely makes you look like you're a big Jack McFarlane fan, a goal we feel would be better accomplished through extensive use of jazz hands.
PPPS: Girls in ties are also over. I don't recall that look ever really working, unless you were Molly Ringwald or Shannen Dorherty as Brenda Walsh -- the former because, you know, she dressed kooky and latter because if you expressed dislike of her outfit, she'd cut you.
PPPPS: Hey, how's your acid reflux?

Posted by Jessica at 01:31 PM in Ashlee & Jessica Simpson | Permalink


Also, is her crotch trying to say something into the mike? Is that where her "backup track" is hidden?

Posted by: sara z. | Feb 14, 2005 2:13:11 PM


Posted by: CAREN | Feb 15, 2005 6:29:39 AM

Her crotch is saying: Camel Toe! Camel Toe! I will not leave her alone, because she will not go away and leave everyone else alone!

Posted by: Laura | Feb 15, 2005 9:17:21 AM

And my twat can sing.

Posted by: pierre etoile | Feb 25, 2005 5:19:31 PM

i totally thought girls with ties was in!
what the fug!

Posted by: dangerlad. | Feb 25, 2005 10:17:43 PM

Sad, she looks like a man more and more each day.

Posted by: pink | Mar 3, 2005 8:56:21 AM

There's no way that Kelly Osbourne would be caught dead in a sweater vest.

Posted by: blabla | Mar 14, 2005 9:48:53 PM

evidently Ashlee is mistaken in believing that baby fat over the top of pants is also in style. Jessica, I can tolerate in an Anna Nicole Smith type of way, but Ashlee, go back under whatever rock your crawled from under.

Posted by: Catherine | Mar 28, 2005 2:34:24 PM

FUCK YOU GUYS! your all immature BITCHS!! dont be so jealous...GROW UP i dont see your fat ugly asses on TV or working your asses off singing.. why dont u send pics of yourselves and let people tell you what they think??? b.c im sure from how ur acting it wont be very good. so FUG GIRLS can sit around and be FUGLY all day long and make fun of people b.c they have no confidence in how Freaking UGLY they are!
P.s-- your ugly
p.s.s- GROW UP!!
xoxo **BEEuTEEful**

Posted by: BEAUTIFUL | Mar 30, 2005 11:18:30 AM

she is in the public eye so it comes with the territory. so sorry to burst your buble but welcome to the real world people will critize others for there lack of fashion and TALENT. and i am sure glad i stumbled on this website cause this stuff is hilarious.

ps. you are the one who is immature...getting all bent out of shape because we happend to disagree with your opinion.
PSS ashlee does not have talent...granted i give props to her farther for being able to market trash to the young.

Posted by: XOX | Apr 1, 2005 7:05:36 PM

In Australia, Dolly magazine says thats a really cool outfit.. shudder ew.
I would never ever listen to that mags fashion advice it sucks

Posted by: Tal | Apr 2, 2005 1:43:18 PM

I agree a little with "Beautiful" BUT she has got enough money to go out and but normal-ish clothes which gives her not much excuse as to why she's wearing that.
And not that i'm a huge fan of Ashlee but she did have an acid reflux.

Posted by: blarrr | Apr 10, 2005 5:19:50 AM

Clothes aside, I'm a huge fan of the popping/queefing portion of her shows.

Posted by: Morgan | Apr 13, 2005 4:15:46 AM

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