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December 15, 2004

Pieces of Fug: Part INFINITY

It's official:

Ashlee Simpson simply can not dress herself. Forget all the hoopla surrouding the issue of her ability to actually sing. Has anyone checked to make sure the girl can even see?

Posted by Jessica at 01:35 PM in Ashlee & Jessica Simpson | Permalink


Is that a rejected Star Trek costume idea for the women?

Posted by: Ngakaari | Jan 31, 2005 9:01:46 PM

Sweet honey in the rock -- that is so wrong.

Posted by: Phinn | Feb 1, 2005 6:43:11 PM

*gasp!* what IS that? Is, that? Yes, her eyes do need to be checked!

Posted by: Victoria | Feb 21, 2005 2:44:10 PM

She's sporting a Diamond Joe Simpson Chastity Belt. No wait, make that Chastity Ensemble.

Posted by: Jennifer B. | Feb 28, 2005 6:35:30 PM

Is that a rejected Star Trek costume idea for the women?

Yeah, it's the Romulan biker costume!

Posted by: Monica | Mar 6, 2005 2:48:05 PM

Wow. A gothic nazi in a silk superman thong diaper. I didn't even know that was possible.

Posted by: Mon | Mar 11, 2005 5:40:55 PM

I kind of see it as an 'Evening Wear Nazi' look, y'know? I've been organising the Final Solution all day, now I just want to throw on some pearls and let my hair down. Hence the 'Sieg Heil' salute...

Posted by: snapDragon | Apr 6, 2005 4:26:40 AM

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