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December 13, 2004

Saint Fug

Okay, there's no time for introductory chit chat when it comes to a case of fug this henious:

Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.

In one outfit, you've got:

a) a cropped AND belted jacket
b) with puffed sleeves
c) made of pink lame
d) and accessorized with a Carrie-Bradshaw-circa-2002-big-flower-pin
e) worn with low-rider genie pants
f) and a bowler hat.

Shouldn't someone be doing something about this? Does LeeLee have no one to step in and tell her that she looks like a deranged transsexual with a Charlie Chaplin fetish and a jones for Hammer pants? I mean, isn't she secretly some kind of Russian countess or something? Isn't this the sort of look that would get a girl sent to Siberia? Can someone get on that?

Posted by Jessica at 11:04 AM | Permalink


I'm months too late (only recently discovered this site) but I have to admit this answers an age old question; "what happens when Pink Ladies hit middle age?".

Back up slowly, she knows how to turn that can into a shank, bitch.

Posted by: craptastic | Mar 13, 2005 12:14:39 PM

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