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January 14, 2005

The Fugging

Cate Blanchett shocked us with her polka-dot nightmare, but an eagle-eyed reader sent us a photo that proves she took leave of her sartorial senses long before:

This photo is from the November 2003 premiere of The Missing.
Indeed, this Pretty in Pink-esque outfit puts that of Elizabeth from The Apprentice to shame. Cate's is the mourning version of Molly Ringwald's atrocious frock, as if Andie had made a black one in case she decided to beat the life and the tar out of Blaine behind a dumpster rather than shove her tongue down his throat.

Now, it's my understanding that Ms. Blanchett popped out some spawn in April 2004, so she was sporting a maternity bulge here. But that's no excuse. The preponderance of knocked-up celebs has led to some very attractive maternity wear, much of which Sarah Jessica Parker modeled when she was preggers. So there's really no rational reason why Cate chose this: Not flattering, surely not all that was out there... She didn't have to wrap herself up like a sympathy gift at a wake.

Even the woman in the maroon tights and flats that match her dress is looking at her going, "Was she mugged before the party?"

Posted by Heather at 11:03 PM in Cate Blanchett | Permalink


Anyone remember the "Cosby Show" when Denise made Theo a shirt? Mismatched sleeves, shiny fabric and everyone running around, flailing around at the horror her sewing machine had spawned?

Apparently Denise was just a couple of decades ahead of her time.

This dress is so horrific, it should be put in the Fug Hall of Infamy. Masses should be said in it's name and small school children should go door to door collecting funds to put it out of its misery.

Posted by: craptastic | Mar 13, 2005 11:40:15 AM

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