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January 13, 2005

Three Fugs! You're Out

Are you trying to get on this web site, Paget? Because I really can accept no other explanation for this outfit. Other, maybe, than complete and total degenerative eye disease, and even that would not excuse the fish purse.

Yes. I said "THE FISH PURSE."

Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb

I am so beside myself that I can barely compose complete sentences. Shall we tackle this with the magic of lists?

a) the shirt...thing? I suspect it's a scarf. And you're worried about it falling down, which is why it's tied so tightly that you've given yourself the dreaded armpit fat bulge. And what's with the target? Seriously. I demand an explanation.

b) the pants...have I taken total leave of my senses, or are they cut off right below the knee, thus showing off what look like shredded black knee socks and TECHNICALLY avoiding the unfortunate Jeans Tucked Into Mukluks Because I Want to Look Three Feet Tall look? Don't do that.

c) The shoes. No.

d) THE FISH PURSE. It's a giant fish. That's also a purse. Now, I am not totally against whimsical accessories. However, when one attempts to carry off a GIANT FISH AS A HANDBAG, the rest of one's outfit should be entirely austere. Maybe something from the Amish country.

Paget, this is your third appearance on Go Fug Yourself. As Heidi Klum might say, "you're out."

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