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February 03, 2005

After Fugset

Julie Delpy gets deep into character for her next role, as a downtrodden, cankle-ridden middle school history teacher circa 1982.

Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.

Posted by Jessica at 04:12 PM | Permalink


She's drinking a Jamba Juice, so I can't be mad.

Posted by: Wing Chun | Feb 3, 2005 4:25:49 PM

The socks. The shoes. The socks AND shoes together?

Posted by: Possum | Feb 3, 2005 4:27:09 PM

And now we know why tapered pants are one trend that should never ever come back.

Posted by: barkley | Feb 3, 2005 4:43:48 PM

From now on, the French are not allowed to brag about their innate sense of style.

Posted by: Janine | Feb 3, 2005 4:44:36 PM

Oh no! I think she looks kinda cute there.

Posted by: Marikka | Feb 3, 2005 4:46:00 PM

Oh no! I think she looks kinda cute there.

Posted by: Marikka | Feb 3, 2005 4:46:00 PM

Hey, what's with dissing middle school teachers? We aren't ALL fugly.

Posted by: K. | Feb 3, 2005 4:51:27 PM

I like the coat, but those jeans are awful.

Posted by: Uli | Feb 3, 2005 5:00:13 PM

I think she may actually be wearing leg warmers under her jeans. It looks as if her "socks" don't make it to the rim of her shoes, let alone cover her toes. Her jeans, tapered and all, just don't look quite right around her calves, either.

Posted by: thatgirl | Feb 3, 2005 5:01:34 PM

Ya know, not minding the look too much. Little disheveled, but kinda cute...

Posted by: Bis Nation | Feb 3, 2005 5:02:12 PM

I love the jacket and the bag and the purple shoes but the rest is pure evil.

The full-out winter weight wool hiking socks???? Honey if your shoes are THAT big buy a smaller pair!

I won't even go near the pants 'cause I'm speachless on that topic and I'm still amazed they're back.

But what about THE SHIRT?!?!? has no one noticed the 'I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-in-Mirakesh-and-stole-my-cab-drivers-clothes'-ness of it??

It's so very sad.


Posted by: oneflewtoofar | Feb 3, 2005 5:19:31 PM

I'm in the shabby-chic party. The shoes are awful and I'm not wild about the shirt, but I like the jacket. I think the problem with the jeans is just that they're boot-cut, and she ain't wearing boots.

Posted by: Yatima | Feb 3, 2005 5:21:15 PM

Fug, is this just an anti-footbinding statement?

Posted by: brent | Feb 3, 2005 5:32:24 PM

cankle- you said cankle!
I love that someone other than guys I know use this term! I love it!

Posted by: carolyn | Feb 3, 2005 5:38:26 PM

who's this person anyway?

Posted by: hot bisexual model | Feb 3, 2005 5:43:48 PM

She doesn't look that bad to me!

Posted by: Mike Harris | Feb 3, 2005 5:50:47 PM

Would it help if I pointed out that she wore this to a speaking engagement, not just out for a Jamba Juice?

Posted by: Jessica | Feb 3, 2005 5:54:33 PM

Is it just me or does the skinny jeans/thick socks/purple shoes combo make her look like she has hooves?

Posted by: Suzie | Feb 3, 2005 6:01:52 PM

Soory, she still looks beautiful.

Posted by: anya | Feb 3, 2005 6:12:32 PM

I mean: 'Sorry' she still looks beautful. The socks are horrible but at least her face looks pretty and natural unlike Juliette Lewis who looks like Satan.

Posted by: anya | Feb 3, 2005 6:15:59 PM

Could those purple things on her feet actually be slippers to "match" her nightgown top?

Sleepwalking is the only excuse I can come up with for this ensemble.

Posted by: shaggy | Feb 3, 2005 6:17:49 PM

Does this mean I can call and thank my mom for saving my circa 1986 Guess jeans? I can't wait to put them on and look cool.

Oh, wait, it's been 20 YEARS. I can't wait to hold them up in front of my body and say, well, 20 years ago I looked as cool as Julie Delpy does now.

Posted by: Viki | Feb 3, 2005 6:23:02 PM

Jessica, I think that this isn't so much "fugly" as "wearing an incredibly casual and vaguely silly outfit to a formal occasion". If you saw her on the street in that, you'd think, "Hey, that woman probably looks great when she's dressed and made up"--you wouldn't think "My GOD! The FUG!"

Having said that, I don't understand why Actual Movie Stars want to go around dressed in the kind of crap I wear to go to the bakery down the street. If I were a movie star instead of a starving writer (well, if that bakery ever closed, I'd be starving), I'd wear ermine underpants and diamond-studded bras all the time. Or at least a nice pair of those $200 jeans that I can't afford on my salary.

Posted by: JupiterPluvius | Feb 3, 2005 6:23:44 PM

Also, her last name is Delpy, not Delphy. (Just in case anyone who doesn't know who she is wants to look her up on the imdb.)

Posted by: JupiterPluvius | Feb 3, 2005 6:24:56 PM

I think what's happening here is that Juliette Lewis has set the fugly bar too high. Or, too low. Or something.

Clearly some fug detectors need recalibration, is all I'm saying.

Posted by: shaggy | Feb 3, 2005 6:29:37 PM

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