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February 07, 2005

Glamour: All Fugged Up

British Glamour published its best-dressed list recently, and sneaking in at No. 10: Kirsten Dunst.

The magazine apparently thinks she is "quirky" -- with which we agree, if by "quirky" you mean "either saggy, or geriatric/homeless."

Check out exhibits A, B, C, and D.

Posted by Heather at 12:01 PM in Kirsten Dunst | Permalink


But these are the same people who have a Spice Girl on the list at 4th, and Ms. Polka Dot from earlier on this website right up there as well, so, you know, grain of salt...

Posted by: ang. | Feb 7, 2005 12:07:14 PM

Oh thank you thank you thank you... My Monday is now saved because you updated and made me laugh at other people's bad taste.

Hmmm, is that a bad thing?

Posted by: Cobby | Feb 7, 2005 12:13:55 PM

Yeah, they listed Kirsten at #10...but Paris Hilton, Xtina and Britney Spears landed on their worst dressed list, so the brits haven't completely lost their marbles.

Congrats on the new site! I've been reading daily since you launched, and you two rock. Hard.

Posted by: lizzymama | Feb 7, 2005 12:40:00 PM

this is unrelated but

pleaaaaaase fug kevin federline on "Details" magazine

i saw a picture and i got scared

Posted by: angelsgirl114 | Feb 7, 2005 12:45:54 PM

I´m going to get all serious here for a second - she dresses like someone with an eating disorder.

Posted by: AJ | Feb 7, 2005 12:48:12 PM

But if Kate Moss is #1, clearly they're working from a highly eccentric definition of the term "dressed", let alone "best".

Posted by: Sandman | Feb 7, 2005 1:04:21 PM

What I find amazing is that she seems to own TWO flowly white bag dresses. If only she could sell one and buy a bra.

Posted by: lauren | Feb 7, 2005 3:18:19 PM

"she dresses like someone with an eating disorder"

hmmm... I'm pretty sure she has the same one as mary-kate.

As for the glamour list, well, they're not smoking that much crack because they at least had the good sense to put kate moss at number 1.

Posted by: mso | Feb 7, 2005 6:38:30 PM

I'm not surprised by Dunst's inclusion on this list - after all, this is a country in which men feel it is necessary to wear light-colored shorts with black socks and hard dress shoes. I direct you to Hugh Grant in the "I Think I Love You" scene in "Four Weddings And A Funeral" for corroboration, a travesty I have witnessed in real life more times than I care to admit. Yecch.

Posted by: queenofattolia | Feb 7, 2005 7:10:44 PM

Those crazy Brits. The Revolutionary War clearly happened for a reason.

Posted by: Kelly | Feb 7, 2005 8:09:11 PM

Remember, this IS a country that thinks Kate "Drugs are Right Bad, Innit?" Moss and Sienna "I Dress In The Dark" Miller are well-dressed.

Posted by: CathyHatesUggs | Feb 7, 2005 9:20:41 PM

i happened to catch a sneek preview of spiderman 2 last summer on mtv and they asked her what she would have done if not films. she replied that she would do "soemthing in the fashion designing line as i think i have a real eye for clothes".

all i can say is, this is the first time i was glad that she was an actress.

they also put sieanna miller and jude "yes-i'm-made-of-plastic-and-ice" law as the most stylish couple. egad.

Posted by: mish234 | Feb 8, 2005 12:47:15 AM

The reason for this is simple. Kirsten Dunst dresses like a member of the British royal family. Think about it.

Posted by: JupiterPluvius | Feb 8, 2005 8:45:55 AM

you're so funny! :D

Posted by: Silvia | Feb 8, 2005 9:54:36 AM

Ok ok, so from time to time she looks a little baggy up front. But I am a Brit and I DON'T LIKE RASCISTS. SO LEAVE MY COUNTRY ALONE, YOU B*TCHES! Maybe you hate Kirsten Dunst. But is her entire career based on her clothes? NO. she is an actress. Got that? A.C.T.I.N.G. And it has nothing to do with our COUNTRY or what our people (who are more intelligent and have better taste than you gross guys anyway) are like, so LEAVE US ALONE. You are sooo up yourself. Jude Law and Sienna may be wannabe fugs, but this has nothing to do with our country. i am not going to stoop as low as you and be racist, but if i were going to i might say: at least we HAVE some history and a royal family!!!! at least we didn't INVADE IRAQ. AT LEAST OUR PRIME MINISTER HAS AN IQ OF MORE THAN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i won't say that. Oh, i already did? Oh, gee whiz, as you would say.

Posted by: Angry British Girl | Mar 21, 2005 4:03:22 AM

and by the way, 4 weddings and a funeral is good!!!! a little cheesy but good! and even if you don't like it, is this an excuse to assume all Britsh people are crazy!!??? AND IT DOESN'T MATTER if kirsten looks a little funny while she's shopping for evian or whatever, it's not like she's at a premiere. this is like me saying: boy, all american men are bearded, fat and ugly and stuff their faces with hotdogs all day, and american women are all thin, blonde and fake with huge plastic boobs and no brains, who end up like joan collins after their 8th husband. which is not true, coz i am half american myself. oh, uh oh! do i detect a hint of jealousy here, fuggers? you nasty little creeps are being horrible to kirsten because she is prettier and more successful than you wil ever be??!!!!

Posted by: whatever | Mar 21, 2005 4:11:37 AM

Excuse me?! Fair enough, you don't like Kirstin Dunst but really you didn't need to get all RACIST, i'm british and the way Kirstin dresses has absolutely nothing to do with us, so maybe glamour magazine was a little...wrong but i guess your heads were too stuck up your arses to see that everybody makes mistakes. Also, "Cathyhatesuggs"? Sienna is spelt S-I-E-N-N-A. And...she's american.

Posted by: completelyagainstracists | Mar 21, 2005 4:14:34 AM

okay...so sienna isn't american but still...
but dont use that against me, just cos i'm a little, stupid doensn't make it okay for you to be racist.

Posted by: theenglishditzthatsaidsiennawasamerican | Mar 21, 2005 4:29:26 AM

Christ, AOL has thrown up in here again. STFU, tool.

Anyway, just popped in to say that the Mr. saw The Dunst on the train this weekend and came home in horror. He said, "I *think* it was Kirsten Dunst, her face was absolutely gorgeous, but...she was dressed...well, like a crazy colorblind bag lady".

Clearly, I peed my pants at this bit o' news.

Posted by: NYCynthia | Mar 21, 2005 11:46:28 AM

'Queenofattolia', unless that was a joke, could you please not be racist on these boards? And Kelly, Kate Moss in a supermodel. a) she's got a lot further than you in life. b) she was not hired because she was clever, or anything to do with her private life. she was just hired to wear clothes.
And 'Cathyhatesuggs'? what does egad mean? just wondering...and uggs are just shoes!

Posted by: LilaGrey | Mar 22, 2005 1:42:26 AM

Funniest things I've seen in too long thanks for the laughs!!!

Posted by: deb | Apr 8, 2005 7:41:39 PM

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