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February 24, 2005

Random Fug

Remember that dorm-room couch you had in college? The one you bought for $50 from Goodwill that had hideous upholstery with putrid green undertones, which you tried to re-cover by tucking a blanket over it, but the blanket always slipped and sagged and left part of the original fabric exposed? So you jazzed it up with strange throw pillows and hoped no one noticed how left-by-the-side-of-the-road the whole thing looked?

"Actress" Kestrin Pantera is the embodiment of that couch:

[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

I particularly enjoy the massive boots, which -- if you stare at them -- appear to be giant thick shoes around which she wrapped some fabric to make it look like she stole the hats from two royal guardsmen in London and is stomping around with them over her feet.

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February 23, 2005

Blue Fug

Kae Bosworth is obviously depressed over the break-up of her relationship with Orlando Bloom. (Star Magazine put it best, I think, when they explained that "ORLANDO PICKED JOHNNY OVER KATE!" Apparently, she asked him to choose between being with her and doing Pirates II, and he picked Pirates II. Ouch. But I think we all know that you should never ask a man to choose between you and an eyepatch.)

Although I don't mind her tunic in theory, I do mind it with her cut-off demin capri-legging....thingies. In fact, I mind -off demin capri-legging....thingies in general. Especially with cowboy boots.  The "I'm Only Showing Six Inches of Leg,  And It's The Six Between The Middle of My Calf And My Knee" look isn't flattering on anyone -- it chops you up, and makes you look stumpy. Now, Kate Bosworth is too skinny to look truly stumpy, but she still looks....you know, choppy.

And depressed. Poor Kate.  Listen, doll, we've all been there.  Would it help if I told you, in secret, that I rather like your bag? Okay. But don't tell anyone I said so.  Here, have a bite of my sandwich. You need to keep your strength up.

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[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

Melinda Clarke is a lovely woman, and she's great on The O.C., but... unless that stands for The Octagenarian Crowd, then I'm not sure what she's doing in this caftan-esque garment. It's like she tried to cinch it or stitch in a waist to sneak it past us, but I'm not fooled. I know something Blanche Devereaux might wear when I see it. And since she's not swanning around on the lanai with Rose, well, I can't help wishing she'd left it at home on the hook behind her bedroom door.

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February 22, 2005

The Fug Sense

There's 80s Retro Chic and then there's "caught in a Whitesnake video."

Even Brandon looks perplexed.

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Random Fug

[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

I don't know who this Dana Chaney is -- all Google returned on her was a post on a Bob Vila site that said, "I need a manual for a Sears Kenmore sewing machine, model # whatever" -- but I do know that renaissance faires nationwide will appreciate her efforts to spice up the genre.

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February 18, 2005


I just want to know how she manages to sit down in this.

You know it's bad when even Stephen Dorff looks embarassed to be seen with you.

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February 17, 2005

BAFTA Fug: Diane Kruger

Semi-obscure blonde actress Diane Kruger (Troy, Wicker Park, National Treasure -- all movies you've heard of but which nevertheless have not made her any less a discount Naomi Watts) has appeared on this site before wearing mismatched halves of a dress.

This time, she's wearing two halves that technically do match, but...

The skirt, while not my personal taste, could come off as delicate and elegant -- even with that twee satin bow -- if she found a way to pair it with a different shirt. Something more form-fitting. But that matching and strangely tented tank top thing up there... no. Too much handkerchief, too much billow, and too much visible camisole. That totally shoves this ensemble across the fine line between ethereal and "eek."

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Her Name Is Fugly and She Dances on the Sand

Behold lovely former model and Duran Duran bride Yasmin Le Bon:

Yasmin is suffering from what we call....Overkill. All the pieces of her outfit, on their own, are lovely and unusual -- well, maybe not the cumberbund. I can't really get behind the cummerbund. But the shirt? How cute it would be with some hot jeans! The skirt? Well played, Yasmin. It would look divine with a less-fussy top. The fur shrug? Well, I'm sure you could figure that out somehow. But put together, it's a bit Today Is Laundry Day, So I'm Tossing This All On And Calling It Quirky, And I'm Very Beautiful And Once Was Married To Simon Le Bon, Shall We Talk About Him Instead of My Misguided Shrug? Yes, Let's. And that's hard to pull off. No matter how lovely you are.

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The Fug Word

I saw this photo and thought, "Oh my GOD. What has Avril Lavigne done with her hair?"

[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

Then I realized that this is actually Katherine Moenning, an actress from The L Word and an apparent aficionado of the looks Lavigne was sporting, like, two years ago. Moenenennoening was also in the WB travesty Young Americans, as the Girl Passing Herself Off As A Boy While Suppressing Feelings Of Lust and Causing One Boy To Question His Sexuality, and this photo makes me wonder if she left that show and forgot to divorce herself from the character. The tuxedo pants, the Hanes undershirt, the pasty expanse of skin, the skeletal, wan look... she's the very image of a weedy male rock star, or maybe an underfed young actor who's abuot to get in touch with his inner Scientologist. Add a fedora, for instance, and it's an outfit Jack White might sport; throw in a trucker hat and you've got Danny Masterson.

This isn't to say that I'm not fine with women wearing pants. Indeed, I love pants, and am currently wearing some. I just don't get the appeal of dressing to be as gender neutral as possible. But then again, I also proudly eat carbs, so maybe I'm the anomaly.

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February 16, 2005

Goodbye, Fug, For, Like, A Minute: Our Once And Future Fug Queen

I don't mean to alarm you guys, but... Courtney Peldon -- Forever Our Fug Girl -- is back, and... well, she's not dressing like a two-bit whore:

[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

This ensemble clearly says, "Twenty-bit whore."

Actually, we have to applaud La Peldon for choosing something relatively tame for herself. Sure, she has some painful-looking camel toe, and we have minor issues with her shoe choice -- especially as it pertains to the handbag -- but, c'mon, this is Courtney Peldon here. We're lucky she isn't somehow dressed as a shoe.

Perhaps -- and I'm not advocating fashion terrorism here -- she got some the sense stabbed into her? I don't know.

And frankly, I sort of hope not. Because we here at GFY missed Courtney Peldon while she was recuperating from The Knifing Felt 'Round The World, If By "World" You Mean "My Living Room," and we would be lying to ourselves and everyone else if we said we wanted her to return from this incident with a sense of decorum.

Obviously the bathtub gin is getting to our heads. But we can't help it: We like our Peldon confusing, fugly, and inappropriate. We like her obscure. And most of all, if she does dress up as a shoe, we'd like her to be a leopard-print thigh-high boot, or a marabou slipper-stiletto.

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