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March 01, 2005

Oscar Post-Party Fugshion: Stephanie Seymour

There are times in a fugger's life when she is rendered speechless. When everything she tries to write can't do justice to what inanities, spurred by crazy pills and possibly absinthe, are marching through the head of a celebrity.

This is one of those times.

[Photos courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

I can only assume that, when she got wind that Usher was attending the Oscars, Stephanie Seymour's post-show orgy radar went, "Ping!" And so she watched a few episodes of Dynasty, crafted a curiously frump-ho Linda Evans tribute negligee -- in this case, "negligent lingerie" -- and marched that pendulous rack right up to him to see if he needed a sixteenth for the sex train.

And, to let him check out the caboose:

There is something deeply entertaining about the fact that she brought a wrap, but didn't actually wrap it around anything but her fist.

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