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April 04, 2005

American Fugdol

Paula Abdul seems to believe that simply attending the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards means that she needs to dress like one of the titular young voters:

[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

This looks like something Snow White would wear on laundry day. Did I miss the memo that said the Nickelodeon voters were also picking out what the attendees would wear? Because this looks like the work of a pre-pubescent girl on a sugar high. Or maybe Laura Ingalls Wilder, if she were thinking of becoming a Vegas stripper but wanted to dive in slowly.

Even the woman behind her seems skeptical. Sneering, almost. As if to wonder what any poor pair of breasts did to deserve such shoddy treatment. Memo to Paula: Wearing a corset two sizes too small doesn't make them look pert; it makes them look perturbed.

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