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April 14, 2005

Young Hot Hollyfug Awards Terror Watch: Janice Dickinson

Ignoring for a moment why Janice was invited to an awards show celebrating the young and the hot (although, Face No. 3 is settling onto her quite nicely), it's very entertaining to see the Alpha Dog herself showing off her puppies. Photo after the jump, because it's definitely not safe for work.

[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.]

That fabric is so shoved to the side and propped there by her nipple that it's hard to imagine this was an accident. I like to think she was getting groped in the limo by an 18-year old stud she picked up outside Hollywood High School on the way to the event. Or maybe she flashed the nip herself, to show off the quality of her surgeon's work, as a way of thanking him for not reattaching it so that it points northeast.

Or, maybe young Nip Dickinson has been listening during all those America's Next Top Model judgings, when Janice goes on about how a good model always finds her light. And if that's the case, then bravo, wee Nipinson -- consider that light found. You are a master pupil.

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