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June 29, 2005

BET Awards Fug Carpet: Blu Cantrell

Blu, Blu, Blu.

[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

Let's start at -- or near -- the top:

1) Brush your hair.

2) No, better: cut it, or take the ratty extensions out. Whatever you have to do. Beause I'm not sure a brush will get through that briar patch.

3) Your wrap looks like you hacked up a bathrobe.

4) Your skirt is a Crate & Barrel pattern for, like, lawn furniture, or patio umbrellas. Which might have been fine, if not for the bodysuit. And that brings me to...

5) ... The hat (THE HAT) and that dastardly crocheted top, both of which we've seen before. Why are you continuing to build outfits around these, Blu? And if you think that top is so flattering, couldn't you at least pair it with something that flatters it? Not that anything really flatters a piece of loosely formed cotton webbing, but you get the drift. Didn't you JUST teach us all how we can get revenge on our nasty-ass men by stealing their credit cards, taking our friends out, and blowing his financial wad all over Barney's and Fred Segal and Pottery Barn? Is this really the best you could do on that spending spree? You clearly don't have very good friends, if they let you come down from your revenge bender with nothing but a knit bodysuit and jockey's cap to show for it. That is a lame-ass piece of vengeance right there.

6) Your shoes are cute. But it's too late for that now, Blu. The hat -- THE HAT! -- and the bodysuit have kind of ruined your credibility.

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