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July 27, 2005

Days of Our Fug

Melissa Reeves, who plays Jennifer on Days of Our Lives, is not, as you might glean from her caftan, a dues-paying member of the AARP:

Reasons to wear a caftan:

  1. nice and cool
  2. deliciously non-binding
  3. you are in possession of a lanai
  4. your name is Endora and you can apparate at will

Reasons to forgo said 'tan:

  1. not super-flattering
  2. seems a bit "pool party" for the red carpet
  3. slightly elderly
  4. the cut can make it look as though what you are actually wearing is the dreaded pants-caftan [AKA, the "pantstan"], one of humanity's most horrendous sartorial missteps.

I feel that the cons outweigh the pros, but who am I to judge? Maybe she picked this up when her character on Days was stuck on that mysterious fake desert island for like six months and just fell in love? Can I stand in the way of love that blooms on a mysterious fake desert island? I think we all know the answer to that.

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