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July 27, 2005

Pauley Fugette

I know most people don't know Pauley Perette, because -- to their credit -- none of them watched her in the Jennifer Love Hewitt mistake Time Of Your Life, and really, let's be honest here, nobody you know watches her in that JAG spinoff, either, no matter how well it's doing in the ratings. And if you did happen to catch her two-episode stint on Dawson's Creek as The Beek's therapist, you likely didn't get a good look at her face because you were so busy praying that she'd go literal for one second and actually shrink his head.

So, all that non-recognition just makes it more awkward when she shows up in a t-shirt with her name stamped on it:

[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

Making yourself into a walking ID badge at a media event... well, that's just a tiny bit misguided, don't you think? This doesn't say, "I'm in a cool bowling league when I'm not wowing you in that show I'm on -- you know, that show on CBS," nor is her name up there in a quaint "This is my old shirt from my days as a Sandwich Artist and I'm wearing it to prove that I remember my roots" kind of way. This is not a subtle, careless emblazoning. This is a billboard. And, at a network shindig pimping the new fall shows, it's also basically an embarrassing memory-aid. One thing I will credit Courtney Peldon with: When she shows up at an event at which she seems bizarrely out of place, she at least acts like everyone should know who she is and why she's there. She sells it. Pauley Perrette, I fear, looks like she is wearing a homemade cheat sheet.

Maybe there's another explanation. Perhaps she is an ardent fan of Jane Pauley, and is wearing this as part of a global fan-club effort to revive her cancelled talk show/reliable hour of naptime on the couch. Or, maybe she's a Pauly Shore devotee who can't spell. Or, and I think we've hit on it here, mayhap she simply worships the eerily skilled portrayal of "Pilot" by actress Jess Pauley in the hit film Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator.

Because otherwise, she's just That Actress Who Wore Her Name On Her Shirt At TCAs, Assuming (Correctly) That We Wouldn't Remember Who She Is Or Why She's Invited, and that's sort of a depressing label.

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