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September 09, 2005


One thing The Simpsons has taught us about Australia -- aside from the rules to "knifey-spoony" and some vital lessons about the legal system, which involve a massive boot to the behind -- is that everything there is upside-down, backwards, or clockwise when it should be counter-clockwise (no matter what things like "experts" and "science" tell us, we believe the musings of a room full of eccentric former National Lampoon writers).

Further proof of this phenomenon comes from an Aussie reader, who sent us this link to an article in which The Olsen Twins (No. 4), Kate Hudson (No. 5), Lindsay Lohan (No. 6), Sienna Miller (No. 8) and Kelly Osbourne (No. 9) were all put on a Best-Dressed Celebrities list.

Presumably, the only criteria is that they were, in fact, dressed.

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