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September 21, 2005

Emmy Pre-Party Fug: Patricia Arquette

I feel like Patricia Arquette is constantly making me groan, "Ooooh... so close." For instance, she's a lovely woman who rocks her healthy, normal figure, but then she'll show up somewhere in a tight satin sheath that is hard for anybody to wear without accentuating the negatives.

Or, she'll throw a red sash around her waist and let it hang there limply, helping no one and doing nothing but cup her stomach:

[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

If she'd worn this hair with the other dress, we might've had a winner. But instead she wore the horrible coif with the nice frock, and the sleeker 'do with this satin atrocity from the J.Lo/Anjelica Huston School of Fug. She also can't get her straps to behave -- the one on the left up there is staying put when it shouldn't, while her Emmy ceremony dress strap dropped clean off in the middle of her acceptance speech. The woman can't win.

Well, except for the Emmy.  And her slowly debloating life partner. But her closet is a giant rack of suck.

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