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September 20, 2005

Emmy Pre-Party Fug: Cynthia Garrett

Ever since her show Life & Style got cancelled, Cynthia Garrett has apparently been living life in the style of a homeless hippie-cowgirl:

[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

I always suspected that working with Jules Asner day in, day out, would drive a person into a state of unbrushed boho insanity. It's okay, Cynthia. We know. We don't understand what Steven Soderbergh sees in her, either -- or, well, we do, but we just don't understand how he lives with himself during those moments when they're forced to have a conversation. We're here for you, Cyn. You're free now -- it'll get better, we promise. Step away from the hat and don't let the fringe suck you into its poisonous lair.

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