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September 30, 2005

Joy Fug

Remember that story about how Sean Young was so crazy to land role of Catwoman [this, youngsters, was like a million years ago, back when Sean Young ostensibly had a career, albeit one on the wane, and the Catwoman in question was not the Halle Berry Catwoman, but rather the Catwoman that was eventually played by Michelle Pfieffer in Batman Returns] that she showed up on some talk show dressed as Catwoman in some wrong-headed attempt to...I don't even know, and everyone in America looked at each other and went, "oh, dude, That's just sad." ?

I think Joy Bryant is doing the same thing for the title role in the live-action version of Pocahontas:

Except it's even sadder, because there is no live-action version of Pocahontas in the works.*

[* Okay,  okay, you can close your Outlook. Apparently, Terrance Malick is doing some Pocahontas something or other, but suffice to say, Joy Bryant is not in it, and it's already in post-production, and therefore, she never will be in it, and that, also, is terribly sad, don't you agree?]

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