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November 29, 2005

America's Next Fug Model, Part II

Now, here at Go Fug Yourself, we rarely feature the same poor wretched soul twice in one day. It seems cruel [-er than usual]. And yet it appears that ANTM's Poor Wretched Michelle is severely in need of an intervention.

Her jeans are fine -- although I'm pretty sure she has a huge grease stain on her left leg -- but a matching sweatband/choker? For reals? And a knit cap? And a pink belt? And sneakers? The poor kid basically looks like she came straight from her job at Hot Topic. In 1996.  Which is fine. If you work at Hot Topic. In 1996.

Janice Dickinson would NOT approve. In fact, I kind of suspect she might slap poor Michelle's face and then rip the knit cap right off her head, the better to set it on fire.

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