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November 28, 2005

CMA Fug Carpet: Lee Ann Womack

"Look, guys. I've about had it. All I came here to do was smile and talk about how proud I am to be at the Country Music Awards, and how I love singing, and country, and music, in addition to singing country music, and all you keep asking is whether I miss being on Baywatch and how Tommy is doing and whether Kid Rock has any free kegs he needs to get rid of, and one of you keeps asking if my last name is spelled with a silent DD, and I don't know WHY that is so damn funny -- STOP IT. You, in the back, stop asking if I'm from Manila and that's why I've made my skin the same color as the envelopes. I don't know when you people turned from paparazzi into comedians, but it's really, really not working for me and if you don't cut it out right now I am going to call ALL of your mothers."

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