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November 02, 2005

Courtney Peldon: Fug or Treat

You've asked for it, and we at GFY are nothing if not attentive to your Peldon needs. So with that, we present to you what we sincerely hope is the photo on Courtney Peldon and Crispin Glover's wedding announcement someday, but which, for now, is simply a record of how this odd couple spent their Halloween:

Can you imagine the union of The Ubiquitous Peldon and crazy Crispin Glover We can see it now:

"Together with their publicists, agents, Bob from Aahs!!, possibly their parents, and the makers of Lithium, COURTNEY PELDON, sister of The Brown One, and CRISPIN GLOVER, who will not get his damn hands off her, invite you to share  in the joy of their marriage -- a union which not only unites one man with his soul's density, but two fine resumes that include: her notable work in Home Improvement, That Movie In Which She Was Accidentally Stabbed For Real, and Jason Davis's bedroom; and his Back To The Future turns as well as that rat movie, and his appearance as a hair-sniffing glassy-eyed head case -- so, as himself -- in Charlie's Angels. The ceremony will be held on the red carpet in front of the Kodak Theater while everyone is inside at the Oscars (so come promptly, because they'll be packing it up during the vows), and the reception will immediately follow at whichever after-party they can successfully crash.

The couple is registered at Trashy Lingerie, Nobu, Sephora, and the Kaiser Permanente 24-Hour Pharmacy (West Los Angeles location). RSVP within four weeks, by carrier pigeon deployed to any event with a gift bag. It will find her."

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