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November 03, 2005

Fugtory Girl

Every girl has a pair of pants that she just loves. And she wears them all the time. Often, those pants are particularly well-worn jeans, or a really great pair of trousers, or even a trusty set of cargo pants (Jennifer Aniston, I mean you). For Sienna "People felt sorry for me for a while, but now they're sort of starting to think they shouldn't have felt so bad for me after all, seeing as how there are now rumors that I cheated on Jude with both Daniel Craig and Sean Penn and now there's that whole thing about how Leonardo DiCaprio might have left Giselle for me, maybe, and when you think about it, seriously, maybe Jude and I are sort of perfect for each other and should probably just try having some kind of open relationship or something because that would probably work for us since neither of us seems to be predisposed to monogamy and maybe that's okay as long as we have an arrangement and no one throws her engagement ring at anyone while sobbing that she's been betrayed when really she's been betraying people all over town, too, and shouldn't we really be embracing these similarities in our personalities rather than fighting them?" Miller, whose favorite pair of pants are...

...capri-length leggings. Wear them to get the papers, with a bowler! Wear them to parties with a kicky head scarf! Wear them all over town! Pretend it's really great style sense, when really, it's just being TOO LAZY TO CHANGE YOUR PANTS.

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