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December 07, 2005

Fug Star

I have some harsh truths for you, MiG. Are you ready?

[Photo by Daily Celeb.]

Okay, you look ready. Here it is: Nobody cares.

I'm serious. Rock Star: INXS is over, and everybody's mostly forgotten who was in the competition in the first place because all they remember are the valiant attempts Brooke Burke made to flash her vulva at the audience every week. And yet here you are, practically breaking a sweat in an attempt to combine Dave Navarro and Avril Lavigne circa 2002 into something that represents your idea of what cool rockers wear. But instead, especially with that waxed chest, you look like the CEO of Chippendale's on his way to a very important staff meeting. Even Avril would look at you and snort, "Nice necktie, fool."

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