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January 03, 2006

Fug OC

You know, I should have known. We go on a little vacay, and everyone gets lazy. Mischa Barton, for example, decided to just start going out in her Garanimals:

Honestly, this would have been cute if she'd taken the five minutes required to swap the leggings for jeans. As it is, she looks like she just threw on the boots she'd left by her front door and tossed on a jacket to race from her cozy living room and down the driveway to grab the paper before racing back inside the house for coffee and scones, with her head down in the hopes that if she doesn't make eye contact with any of her neighbors, it'll be like she hasn't just been spotted in her front yard in her jammies.  We've all done that.

Except she's doing it in broad daylight, in public, and Cisco officially looks more put together than she does.  All I know is, it must be cold in hell right now.

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