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January 18, 2006

Fuggie Marsh

In a break from our breakneck Globes coverage, I'd like to take a moment and talk about why we here at GFY HQ love the British. We love them for many reasons, and not just because of, you know, history, or ancestry, or, like, brilliant historical personages like Shakespeare and Colin Firth. We also love their delicious chocolate candies, many of which are not readily available here in the United States. We love their tabloids, especially Heat. We really love Footballers Wives. And of course,  we really, really love their D-List celebrities, many of whom are famous for having big boobs and being on crappy reality shows [that we would totally watch if we got them here in the States, let's not kid ourselves]. Like Jodie Marsh:

A too-long sweater as a too-short dress,  a handbag apparently made solely of the underbelly of the Queen's swans, and leg warmers. Brilliant!

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