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January 17, 2006

Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Rosario Dawson

Do you think anyone predicted that Rosario Dawson would be the one to come out of Josie and the Pussycats with the closest thing to a real career?

Did you see Rachael Leigh Cook anywhere at the Golden Globes? Nope. Tara Reid? Ha! Parker Posey and/or Alan Cumming? Nowhere, although Cumming can be forgiven for his absence, as he's off being insane and doing insane things and then figuring out how to bottle Eau d'Insanity for his fragrance line.

And certainly, a while ago, I never would have figured that Rosario Dawson would be the more famous and upwardly mobile, career-wise, of this duo:

Jason Lewis is hot, and after playing Smith on Sex and the City, he seemed like he was going to be unstoppable. And then... he stopped. But even if he's not the more successful of the two, he is better-dressed. On the whole I don't love the all-black approach to wearing a suit, but I'll take it over Rosario's frumpy mono-sleeved sheath, which does nothing for her many assets -- one of which is her lovely, clear skin tone, which doesn't pop next to this muted peach shade, and another of which is her figure. She belongs on the lanai of her sensible South Florida split-level house, not on the red carpet. It's less Rosario Dawson than Rosario on the [awful] Will & Grace.

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