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January 11, 2006


I really like Felicity Huffman.

Sure, I hate her character on Desperate Housewives, and indeed think that entire show is pretty bad (we need a Dynasty, and you, DH, are no Dynasty), but I think she's an excellent actress and by all accounts a great person behind the scenes too -- and of course I admit I am a bit enamored of her and William H. Macy and want those crazy kids to make it.


I mean... I think she's got a slammin' body, and I don't understand why she has said in print that she finds herself unattractive, because I think she's great looking. But I find it very hard for most women to wear a dress with strange lines like that, because they cut you off in seven competing ways, and end up doing nothing but offering up your stomach to the public. The stress is draped weirdly and cut weirdly and she looks flat as a board... great color, but the rest is falling short of doing her any favors.

The larger problem is that she's looking a little more Transamerica in this photo than I'm guessing she'd like. The effect of the hair and the makeup and the old-time screen-siren nightie is all a bit old, and kind of draggy in a way that even a drag queen would look in the mirror and think about retiring. I wonder if she's Swanking herself a little -- trying to wear really slinky things after doing an on-screen gender-bend. But what she really should do is stop going to the gym, put the mayo back on her bread, and enjoy this time.

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