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January 05, 2006

Laguna Beach: The Real Fug.C

Talan, Talan, Talan, Talan, Talan. You really do seem like a nice kid. And I am very glad you realized that marrying Kimberly Stewart after knowing her for two weeks was probably not the smartest decision you ever made in your young life.

Unfortunately, neither was this jacket:

I get where you're going with it, I do. But it's a little...Allegedly Sexually Threatening European Tennis Pro In An 80s Teen Movie, don't you think? I feel like it calls for some very short, tight white shorts, copiuous chest hair, and a mustache. None of which you have. And thank God, really.  And since you don't appear to be planning on getting a job at the club in order to leer at nubile yet surprisingly-flabby-in-retrospect teens sporting crimped hair, terry cloth headbands and high-waisted pants, let's leave this jacket out of the equation, too, shall we?

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